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Exhaust air heat pumps

May we present the exhaust air heat pumps from ComfortZone, which give you a pleasant indoor climate through recycled air, with by far the lowest total cost compared to other models on the market. We offer exhaust air heat pumps for single-family houses, as well as larger villas, where several of our models can provide comfort cooling in addition to home heating together with the supply air unit T15.

Filtering of living space:

Award winning exhaust air heat pumps

They are highly efficient, reliable, quiet and with a lower environmental impact. They have award-winning user interfaces and thoughtful designs. Thanks to the refrigerant R32, the exhaust air heat pumps have a higher efficiency and less environmental impact. The new series has also stated a lower noise impact than previous models.

All the properties together give you unique, market-leading exhaust air heat pumps in terms of both technology and the environment.

  • by far the lowest total cost compared to other models on the market
  • pleasant indoor climate through recycled air
  • operationally reliable, highly efficient and quiet
  • less environmental impact than previous models.


How does an exhaust air heat pump work?

The principle is simple, if refined. An exhaust air heat pump reuses the energy from used air. The technology involves the exhaust air heat pump first ventilating the house, then returning the heat energy of the ventilation air to heat the water and the heating system. This makes it a sustainable and energy-efficient heat source, which not only heats the water and the heating system, but also improves ventilation.

A fan sucks ventilation air out of all the wet areas of the house. This causes a weak negative pressure to form, which causes the air to also find its way to other wet spaces. When new outside air is drawn in through the vents in the outer walls, all rooms in the house are ventilated. The circulating air is taken into the house’s duct system and when the room air is heated, it is led to the heat pump, which recovers the energy in the air. In this way, a heat pump can supply the entire house with hot water and heat.

An exhaust air heat pump automatically adapts its output to the house’s heating needs and can reduce your heating costs by approximately 50 – 70%.

If you want to read more about how exhaust air heating works, click here!


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