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Privacy policy

Within Comfortzone, we ensure that your personal data is always handled correctly, is updated and protected. In order to perform our services, we need to process certain personal data. By processing we mean the collection, storage, handling, modification and use of personal data. Our privacy policy talks about how we process your personal data and what rights you have as a customer or supplier.

Personal data controller

Comfortzone AB, Kemistvägen 10, 183 79 TÄBY, is responsible for personal data and is thus responsible for the processing of your personal data. The personal data we collect is used internally by us and in some cases, in order to fulfill our commitments, by third parties.

The security

We protect your personal data partly through technical solutions and partly by limiting access for our employees.

How we collect and use personal data

In order for us to be able to offer you our services and fulfill our commitments, we process personal data in the following situations. We do not save any data longer than we need.

To fulfill our agreement

In order for us to be able to fulfill our agreement or agreement to receive orders, deliver goods and send invoices to you, we process your personal data in the form of name, organization number or social security number, position, address, telephone number and e-mail address. We store these for as long as we are obliged to do so according to the Accounting Act.

To communicate with us

In order for us to be able to provide you with good service in your contact with us at e.g. questions regarding complaints, delivery information, remedy errors and answer technical questions. As our products are durable goods, we store your personal data for many years in order to be able to provide you with efficient and good service when you contact us again. You can at any time ask us to delete your personal data by sending an e-mail to info@comfortzone.se or by contacting us on 08-758 01 20.

To be able to contact you

In order for us to be able to contact you, we process your contact details in the form of name, telephone number and e-mail address. We also use your email address to be able to send you information, offers and promotions. You can choose to stop receiving this type of mailing at any time by sending us an e-mail to info@comfortzone.se. We store this information as long as you are a customer with us.

When and how we share personal data with third parties

All personal data that we process is stored on our server located in Sweden. We do not sell your personal data to anyone and only share personal data with third parties in order to fulfill our agreements and commitments. We share your personal data with suppliers who provide IT services, distribution and forwarding services, communication services, etc. When we share your personal data with third parties, we are responsible for the processing and there are always subcontracts that regulate the handling of personal data.

In certain situations, we may be obliged to disclose personal data in order to comply with legal requirements or the requirements of the authorities. We may also need to disclose personal data to protect our legal interests or to detect and prevent fraud.

Your rights

The Data Protection Regulation states that you always have the right to share the information we have about you. You have the right to request correction, completion, deletion or de-identification of your personal data. However, you cannot have personal data that we need to be able to fulfill agreements with you as a customer or supplier or to be able to comply with legal requirements deleted. If you think any information is incorrect, you should contact us immediately.

If you believe that we have in any way processed your personal data in an incorrect manner, you can make a report to the supervisory authority, which is the Data Inspectorate.

Change of privacy policy

We may make changes to our privacy policy. The latest valid version is always available on our website.


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