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ComfortZone RX50L

For slightly larger houses (120–180 m²), where you want the option of having a low-built and easy-to-maintain heat pump, the RX50L is a good choice.

This is a durable, reliable exhaust air heat pump that has demonstrated a lower noise level than previous models and is a more environmentally friendly choice.

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    Affordable heat pump with a long service life

    Our heat pumps give you by far the lowest total cost if you compare with other models on the market. And thanks to the refrigerant R32, which is now available in all RX models, you get a higher efficiency with a lower environmental impact.

    The RX50L provides 5 kW through the compressor alone.

    Extract air heat pump RX50L

    • Gives you by far the lowest total cost
    • Low noise level
    • High efficiency
    • More environmentally friendly than previous models

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    Unit RX50L
    Output/Input power at 20(12)/35°C kW 4,8/1,2*
    Output/Input power at 20(12)/50°C kW 4,8/1,6*
    Electric cartridge, power (kWh) kW 6,0**
    Refrigerant R32 g 950
    Air flow m³/h 150-240
    Flow circulation pump (20 kPa) m³/h 1,6
    Hot water temperature (adjustable) °C 50-60
    Water volume accumulator tank I Depending on external tank volume
    Hot water capacity l/h 300 l/h
    Voltage V 400 (3-fas+N)
    Alternative voltage V 230 (3-fas+N)
    Fuse A 16
    Height mm 1600
    Width mm 600
    Depth mm 650
    Weight kg 175
    Temperature sensor out+in out or in
    COP average climate 35° C / 55° C kW 3,28 / 3
    SCOP average climate 35° C / 55° C kW 3,33 / 2,95

    * The power data at 20(12)/35 °C and 20(12)/50 °C are stated according to European standard EN255 without fans and pumps. Indicated temperatures 20°C indicates the air temperature of indoor air and (12)°C indicates the wet temperature of the air link.

    ** Supplied with 6 kW electric cartridge. The cartridge is adjustable so that, at the time of installation, it can be adapted to Swedish building regulations for newly built houses.

    ATTENTION! When comparing with geothermal heat pumps, the power consumption of the brine pump must be taken into account. Corresponding geothermal heat pump loses 10-20% input power and COP through the pump that pumps the refrigerant from the borehole itself 100-150 m up and down. All data is preliminary


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