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Property heat pumps

Heat your property with recycled energy and get rid of the space-consuming fan units. Our heat pumps for properties give you heat in the whole house and hot water, are at least as efficient a solution as a ground source heat pump, provide an optimal recovery of the ventilation air and provide the lowest total cost of the property heat pumps you find on the market.

Property heat pump from ComfortZone™

  • heats your property with recycled energy
  • you avoid the costly boreholes
  • space saving
  • at least as effective a solution as a geothermal heat pump.


Award winning exhaust air heat pumps

They are highly efficient, reliable, quiet and with a lower environmental impact. Our market-leading property heat pumps have award-winning user interfaces and well-thought-out designs. Thanks to the refrigerant R32, the exhaust air heat pumps have a higher efficiency and less environmental impact. The new series has also stated a lower noise impact than previous models. An exhaust air heat pump will give you great savings, in some cases heating costs can be reduced by up to 75%.

The investment in an exhaust air heat pump for your property can usually be written off within 3 to 6 years.


Our heat pumps for properties

  • by far the lowest total cost compared to other models on the market
  • pleasant indoor climate through recycled air
  • reliable, highly efficient and quiet
  • less environmental impact than previous models
  • provides great savings opportunities


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