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Exhaust air heat pumps with cooling function

Our Swedish-made exhaust air heat pumps with cooling function give you pleasant warmth, as well as coolness on hot days. These exhaust air heat pumps are just as highly efficient whether you want heat or cooling and just like our other products, they are reliable, quiet and give you the lowest total cost if you compare with other exhaust air heat pumps and cooling machines on the market.

Filtering of living space:

External air heat pump with cooling – a good choice

Having both home heating and comfort cooling in one and the same product is an effective solution from several aspects. It is space-saving, cost-effective and very convenient. Our air conditioning systems are at the forefront in terms of technology, total cost and environmental aspects, which means that you are making a good choice in many respects.

Read more about our models below and see which one suits your house best. Feel free to contact one of our resellers if you have any questions!


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