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Exhaust air heat pumps synchronized with solar panels

Below models of our exhaust air pumps can be synchronized with the house’s solar panel system for electricity production. It is both a cost-effective and environmentally smart solution, where the solar energy is stored in the heat pump in the form of heat in hot water and/or in a separate circulating water tank.

Filtering of living space:

Exhaust air heat pump with comfort cooling through solar panels

We are the only manufacturer of exhaust air heat pumps, which can also offer comfort cooling. And in cases where you run comfort cooling, the solar cell control becomes important for cost and energy efficiency, because the solar cells produce the most energy during the warm seasons, when you are running the cooling function.

Of course, the models below are Swedish-made, reliable and give you the lowest total cost compared to other exhaust air heat pumps on the market.

You will need a power transformer as an accessory to be able to connect the exhaust air heat pump to your solar panels.

Feel free to contact one of our resellers if you have any questions!


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