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Extract air heat pump for properties

For properties of 260 – 3000 sq m, we want to give a shot for the property heat pump RXF presented below. The exhaust air heat pump is installed in the number that the house’s power needs require, this is something that we will of course help you calculate.

Extract air heat pump with endless advantages

In addition to the fantastic fact of being able to heat a property with recycled energy and get heat and water supply to the entire property, at the same time as the ventilation air is optimally recycled, with our exhaust air heat pump you avoid the space-consuming fan units that are normally placed outside on the roof.

You also get, as with all our exhaust air heat pumps, by far the lowest total cost compared to other heat pumps on the market.

Read more about the benefits of our exhaust air heat pump for property in the product description below, or contact one of our retailers.


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