When and how often should you replace the exhaust air heat pump?

Has your exhaust air heat pump stopped working or is the fuse blown? Then it...

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How long does an exhaust air heat pump last?

If you service, clean and check your exhaust air heat pump regularly, you can expect...

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When do I need to change the filter in the exhaust air heat pump?

The filter in the exhaust air heat pump needs to be replaced once a year....

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How do I top up the system pressure?

Behind the front plate at the bottom of the heat pump, there is a metal...

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Can I switch off or lower the fan on the exhaust air heat pump?

Yes, you can do that, but it can affect your indoor climate and the ventilation...

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How do I change the filter?

Remove the front plate by a slight lift and then pull it towards you, switch...

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What do the alarm codes on my heat pump mean?

The code tells you that something has changed and does not necessarily have to be...

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How do I know when the filter should be checked or replaced?

The heat pump will alarm for filter replacement after a set time interval of 90...

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Where is the air filter to be cleaned or replaced?

The filter is located behind the front plate at the top right behind a cover...

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I get an alarm on my heat pump, what does it mean and what can I do?

The heat pump indicates a fault in the system, which can be due to many...

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How often do I need to service my heat pump?

Annual service by an authorized installer is an advantage for optimal operation and function, and...

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Do you have any service for the heat pump? What is included?

No, we do not have our own service organization, service can be ordered via one...

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