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Our environmental goals

Greenhouse gases

By continuously improving our heat pumps and constantly striving for better efficiency, we shall contribute to reducing global carbon dioxide emissions. Our goal is to introduce an efficiency improvement at least every other year. Our production premises today have heat recovery. Our test facility recovers both heat and cold. The goal is to improve the heat recovery in the factory within 2 years with the help of new proprietary products adapted to the factory premises.

Air + acidification + climate impact

The air must be so clean that human health as well as animals, plants and cultural values are not damaged. Our products contribute to the highest degree to giving people a good and well-ventilated indoor environment while protecting the outdoor environment from acidifying emissions. Our goal is to establish ourselves strongly in European areas where the houses are today preferably heated with fossil fuels. Establishment with strong market penetration must have taken place no later than 2013. Reduced use of fossil fuels also leads to reduced acidification. The environmental goal goes hand in hand with our market ambitions.

Ozone-depleting substances

Today, we use refrigerants that are minimally hazardous to the ozone layer in our products. Our goal is to, if possible, introduce refrigerants with even less impact on the ozone layer in new products.

Chemical influence

New products must be reviewed from a chemical-biological perspective. No known harmful components shall be used in new products.


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