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General purchase and delivery conditions

Applicable Standard Agreement. In addition to what is stated in these general terms and conditions of sale, the standard agreement AA VVS 09 shall be applied unless otherwise agreed.

1.1 Buyer

The buyer according to these conditions is always the customer, regardless of the recipient of the delivery. By customer is meant everyone who, on behalf of the Buyer, handles contact and places an order with the Seller.

1.2 Seller

The seller according to these conditions is always Comfortzone AB with organization number. 556619-3891.

1.3 Payment terms

Payment must be made within 30 days after each partial delivery, unless otherwise agreed. Late payment interest is charged at 24% in case of late payment.

1.4 Prices

The price list is valid until further notice.
If, at the time of the order, a tax or other fee not decided upon is added, omitted or changed and this does not entail a significant change in the company’s costs for carrying out the delivery, the price must be adjusted accordingly.

1.5 Product warranty Comfortzone

1.6 Delivery and packaging

  • Delivery takes place ex factory/warehouse incl. packaging.
  • All stated delivery times are preliminary.
  • Damages for delayed deliveries are not paid.
  • Complaints must be made within 10 days of receiving the item.
  • Regulation takes place through action or exchange of goods.

1.7 Returns

After our approval, the goods must be returned with freight paid to the specified location. The delivery of the goods to the Buyer takes place upon handover to the forwarder.

1.8 Transport liability

The seller’s responsibility ends upon handover to the forwarder. Liability then passes to the forwarder and according to their applicable liability regulations.

If the goods are damaged in shipping, this must be noted on the delivery note before receipt is approved and complaints addressed to the forwarder within the deadline he stipulates. For Schenker, 5 working days apply. The freight forwarder’s transport responsibility ends after the goods have been unloaded.

1.8.1 Transport responsibility for hidden damage

The stipulated time limit is the same even for hidden damages. This means that the recipient must unpack and inspect the goods within this time, even in the event that they are to be left unused for a time, otherwise the recipient may be responsible for any damage costs themselves.

For heat pumps, experience shows that even small or insignificant external damage can be a sign of extensive hidden damage.

In these cases, the recipient should therefore always detach all front plates and inspect the inside of the heat pump.

1.8.2 Transport responsibility for shared transport

In the case of self-transport part of the route, the forwarder’s responsibility ceases upon handing over to another carrier.

All damages must be reported at the time of delivery in order for the forwarder to be willing to provide any compensation.

Third party liability
The seller is not responsible for damage to third parties caused by the goods or their use.

1.8.3 Prevent delivery

In cases where the forwarder cannot make a delivery to the customer, the delivery goes back to the terminal.
The forwarder will then try to contact the purchasing customer to agree on a new delivery time.
For the new run-out, a run-out fee will be charged.

The freight forwarder charges a terminal cost of SEK 90 per day after three days at the terminal. These costs are charged to you as a customer.
See also our installation protocol.


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