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Västanfors Hus – General contractor

Västanfors Hus is run by owner and CEO Dick Slipare, who has been a builder for nearly 33 years now.

Västanfors Hus started working with ComfortZone’s exhaust air heat pumps in 2018. Recently, two projects in Västerås have been completed where Västanfors Hus collaborated with ComfortZone to ensure that the houses they sell there are equipped with highly efficient exhaust air heat pumps with the best efficiency. Those who wish can also get solar cells on the roof that are synchronized with the heat pump.

Customer: Västanfors Hus
Location: Västerås
Date: 5 maj 2021

“We only deliver energy-efficient and environmentally friendly houses and therefore we cooperate with companies that are at the forefront of technology, such as ComfortZone and solar cell suppliers who can provide good energy-efficient solutions for the houses”
– Dick Slipare, CEO Västanfors Hus

Västanfors Hus
Västanfors Hus
Västanfors Hus
Västanfors Hus


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