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ComfortZone RXC35

The ComfortZone exhaust air heat pump with cooling function is a highly efficient heat pump with an equally efficient cooling function.

The heat pump is adapted for a living area of approx. 60–120 m². Comforzone RXC35 is a reliable exhaust air heat pump with cooling function which, in addition to its given functions, gives you by far the lowest total cost compared to other exhaust air heat pumps and cooling machines on the market.

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RXC35 provides a more direct effect as it spreads preheated or cooled air to all rooms connected to the supply air ducts. The cold can also be used via other connected water-borne systems. The RXC35 works as an air conditioner. To get the supply air function with preheating and cooling, a supply air unit T15 must be connected.

Other advantages of our RXC models are a measured lower noise level than previous models, provide in addition to normal house heating also comfort cooling and with the R32 refrigerant, the product has a higher efficiency and less environmental impact. With this heat pump, we are unique and the market leader in both technology and environment.

Hot water tank that provides 210 l of hot water

The built-in hot water tank in the RXC35 provides 210 l of hot water in the taps.

Advantages of Comfortzone RXC35

  • Significantly lower sound level than its predecessors
  • In addition to home heating, it also offers comfort cooling
  • Higher efficiency than before
  • Less impact on the environment
  • Swedish innovative product made in Sweden

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