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Exhaust air heat pump for a medium-sized house

Below models of exhaust air heat pumps are suitable for a medium-sized house, with an area between 120 – 180 sq m. How large an area an exhaust air heat pump can heat depends on its maximum heating capacity, which is stated in kilowatts (kW). So the higher the heat capacity of the pump, the larger the surface that can be heated.

We also have an exhaust air heat pump with a cooling function, which works as an air conditioning system. A flexible solution when you want to be able to switch from heating to cooling in one and the same facility.

Exhaust air heat pump for a medium-sized house from ComfortZone

  • high efficiency
  • low sound volume
  • easy to care for
  • more environmentally friendly than previous models
  • lowest total cost compared to other heat pumps on the market.

How much do you save by installing a heat pump?

How much savings you make by installing an exhaust air heat pump largely depends on the pump’s capacity. Therefore, it is crucial that you choose the right pump with the right capacity for your particular property.

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